Lovely Garden Shed Design

DIY shed building – should you do it?

A shed is simple roofed structure or building usually made of wood where gardening equipment or tools can be kept. This building is usually made within the homes back garden for particular purposes depending on the intentions of the owner. The sheds differ in the simplicity of their structure and to the size, from the small sized roofs to the large structures with either windowless walls or toughened plastic or glass. Some people have also been known to turn them into bars which is a trendy idea that people keen on home brewing tend to do as a hobby and are a great way to relax after a hard days work, often referred to as a man cave.

The sheds are made from different materials, including metals or wood, while others made from pure rocks which is a lot less common than wood or metal due to ...

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Shabby chic mirrors for taking Selfies

Selfies have been part of our modern culture for some time now. Most people engage in group selfies or solo selfies at their own free time without giving it a second though. Taking of selfies have evolved with time and it’s now a charity name in some parts of the world; for example in the UK where the social media platform “noble no makeup selfies raised approximately £8 million for a cancer research“.

Photographs at large tell more of how we look, how we spend our time and with whom we hang around most of the time. At least everybody tries to look smart and at their best every time, they pose for a selfie. There are several types of selfies taken by different groups of people and for various reasons...

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Flower Chandeliers & Hanging Flower Arrangements

A fabulous trend going from coast-to-coast is hanging flowers.  From the ceremony to the reception, these hanging blooms, are making a statement.

  1. One of the trends is called the upside-down garden.  It’s where you take hundreds of flowers, and hang them from the ceiling, making a sea of  of flowers, transforming your ceremony or dance floor into a lush garden above them.  Almost like your floating above the ground.
  2. Another flora trend is flower chandeliers.   Imagine gorgeous blooms, overflowing and draping down off of a chandeliers, or circle hoops over your heads, or dance floor.  They are sure to set the mood, to your nuptials and will have your guests staring in awe!
  3. Inverted Centerpieces...
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RCA graduates propose new Strata system as a way to extend the lifecycle of furniture

Royal College of Art graduates Katrine Hesseldahl and Victor Strimfors have designed a modular sofa made from three distinct layers in an attempt to combat furniture waste.

The sofa is part of a broader manufacturing model called Strata, which the pair imagined for their masters programme in Design Products. The system divides furniture up into a skin, middle and base layer.

By allowing owners to swap out just the layers that are most likely to need changing – the cushion and covering – the duo hopes to offer a more sustainable alternative to throwaway home-ware.

“It’s about less material going into and out of the system,” Hesseldahl told Dezeen. “We really want to have less bulky waste.”

Hesseldahl and Strimfors were prompted to design Strata after reading a report that highlighted...

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Big Shots raises £23k for furniture charity

The Furniture Makers’ Company, the furnishing Industry charity, has announced that its latest fundraiser Big Shots has raised around £23,000.

The annual clay pigeon shoot fundraiser, which is now in its 23rd year, was once again held at E.J. Churchill Shooting Ground in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire on 8 June 2017.

A total of 33 teams, made up of representatives from across the furnishing industry, took part in this year’s fundraiser, which was sponsored by Furniture Village as well as the other companies that supported Big Shots through sponsorship or a donation to the auction and raffle.

They were: Amazing Venues, BrightHouse, Cabinet Maker, Cheffins, The Clare Family Trust, Colourfast, Creo, Celtheath, Davy’s of London, Fare of London, J H Haskin & Son Ltd, Knoll, Peroda and ViSp...

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Expanding your room with wall mirrors

Wall mirrors come at various dimensions, shapes, and prices. Since wall mirrors can reflect light, they will visually make a narrow space or small room seem larger. There are many styles of wall mirrors, including elaborate and contemporary among many others.

Etched wall mirrors come with artwork imprinted on the glass. The artwork can be simple to ornate, and there are several choices ranging from elaborate scenes to images of animals among much more. Hand etching, laser etching, or even acid etching is employed to create the beautiful decorative image. There are kits as well as instructions available to make an etched design on a plain mirror.

One of the widely available mirrors is the framed large rectangular wall mirror. Quite often, frames are made from wood...

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Do It Yourself Furniture Using Old Storage Pallets

What a wonderful experience it is to design your furniture using your own hands. This is all possible to do using the DIY ideas of pallet furniture wherein you can reshape the wooden pallet and turn them into useful furniture in your home. Designing furniture with the wooden pallet is becoming popular today. The ideas about the DIY pallet furniture are a good way on how to make your own furniture in your homes. The wood used in pallets is often oak or southern yellow pine as they are both known for their strength and density which of course is ideal for stacking weight.

Some of the popular ideas for pallet furniture are the pallet chairs, pallet sofa, pallet bed, and the pallet tables. You can design, reshape and remodel the furniture in your homes or in your workshops...

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Upcycled Furniture

Save Money and Do it Yourself Upcycled Furniture

Are you one of those people who experience money related issues and problems? There is no need to worry anymore because you can already resolve these problems. This is also as you in touch with do it yourself Up-cycled furniture. With this type of venture, you will surely save a lot of money.

What is Upcycling?

Some people may already have heard up-cycling before. Nevertheless, they have no idea of what this term means. Up-cycling is a type of recycling process that is considered to be very useful and money saver. As far as do it yourself up-cycled furniture is concerned, this is a worn out and old item which is re-purposed.

In the re-purposing of up-cycled furniture, it actually involves a process that makes the items more useful...

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Hand Craved Table and Chairs

Re-Designing your Home with Hand Carved Furniture

Re-designing your home can be fun and exciting. Choosing only beautiful and unique pieces as additional decorations to your room can be a fulfilling and thrilling experience. This is because it allows your home to showcase your personality and style. Every piece of furniture found in your house is a reflection of yourself and no matter what type of furniture it is, it can create the best atmosphere and the best mood.

One of the exciting, personal and original ways to re-design and re-decorate your house is to make use of hand-carved furniture. This furniture is considered to be a bespoke furniture since it reflects who you really are. With this type of furniture, you have an overall control to some of the elements in hand carved furniture such as design, pattern and material.

One of the Be...

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How To Create The Shabby Chic Look In Your Home

Shabby Header
One of the easiest, cheapest and most charming interior design ideas, shabby chic is definitely in style. What is more, by making use of old furniture and other items, this look helps us to move towards a more eco-friendly existence. Anyone can achieve a ‘shabby chic’ look in their home, it just takes a little bit of imagination, a magpie tendency and a lick of paint – of course Annie Sloan Chalk Paint rises perfectly to the occasion when you decide to give those old pieces of furniture a new lease of life.

What is Shabby Chic Anyway?
Shabby chic is the name given to a style of interior decoration that values age and wear-and-tear. If something does not look as though it has been loved by generations, it is made to look as though it were...

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