Flower Chandeliers & Hanging Flower Arrangements

A fabulous trend going from coast-to-coast is hanging flowers.  From the ceremony to the reception, these hanging blooms, are making a statement.

  1. One of the trends is called the upside-down garden.  It’s where you take hundreds of flowers, and hang them from the ceiling, making a sea of  of flowers, transforming your ceremony or dance floor into a lush garden above them.  Almost like your floating above the ground.
  2. Another flora trend is flower chandeliers.   Imagine gorgeous blooms, overflowing and draping down off of a chandeliers, or circle hoops over your heads, or dance floor.  They are sure to set the mood, to your nuptials and will have your guests staring in awe!
  3. Inverted Centerpieces...
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Do It Yourself Furniture Using Old Storage Pallets

What a wonderful experience it is to design your furniture using your own hands. This is all possible to do using the DIY ideas of pallet furniture wherein you can reshape the wooden pallet and turn them into useful furniture in your home. Designing furniture with the wooden pallet is becoming popular today. The ideas about the DIY pallet furniture are a good way on how to make your own furniture in your homes. The wood used in pallets is often oak or southern yellow pine as they are both known for their strength and density which of course is ideal for stacking weight.

Some of the popular ideas for pallet furniture are the pallet chairs, pallet sofa, pallet bed, and the pallet tables. You can design, reshape and remodel the furniture in your homes or in your workshops...

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Upcycled Furniture

Save Money and Do it Yourself Upcycled Furniture

Are you one of those people who experience money related issues and problems? There is no need to worry anymore because you can already resolve these problems. This is also as you in touch with do it yourself Up-cycled furniture. With this type of venture, you will surely save a lot of money.

What is Upcycling?

Some people may already have heard up-cycling before. Nevertheless, they have no idea of what this term means. Up-cycling is a type of recycling process that is considered to be very useful and money saver. As far as do it yourself up-cycled furniture is concerned, this is a worn out and old item which is re-purposed.

In the re-purposing of up-cycled furniture, it actually involves a process that makes the items more useful...

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How To Create The Shabby Chic Look In Your Home

Shabby Header
One of the easiest, cheapest and most charming interior design ideas, shabby chic is definitely in style. What is more, by making use of old furniture and other items, this look helps us to move towards a more eco-friendly existence. Anyone can achieve a ‘shabby chic’ look in their home, it just takes a little bit of imagination, a magpie tendency and a lick of paint – of course Annie Sloan Chalk Paint rises perfectly to the occasion when you decide to give those old pieces of furniture a new lease of life.

What is Shabby Chic Anyway?
Shabby chic is the name given to a style of interior decoration that values age and wear-and-tear. If something does not look as though it has been loved by generations, it is made to look as though it were...

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